A cosy and committed Christmas

1% of the revenues generated on the
Tea and Gingerbread, Around the fireplace, Exquisite Fir and Berries and Winter flower collections
will be donated to environmental organizations

Estéban manifesto

Fully aware that we live in an interconnected world, we are convinced that our commitment to Nature is a statement of respect for all the individuals we serve with our creations. This is why the natural environment has always played a key role in our creative processes.

Every year since 2020, we have associated our limited Christmas editions with the 1% for the Planet® movement, a global network of philanthropists and non-profits taking concrete action for a healthy planet. Thus, 1% of the revenues generated on the Exquisite Fir, Tea and Gingerbread, Around the fireplace and Berries and Winter flower collections will be donated to non-profits working to protect the environment to enable us to contribute, in our own way, to preserving our planet's riches.

This partnership forms part of our long-term approach to progress and empowerment vis-à-vis major social issues. In 2023, Christmas will be both cosy and socially committed!

collections Noël 2022
collections Noël 2023

The Estéban commitments

engagement pour la nature

At Estéban, the commitment to Nature and to consumer well-being is a serious matter and we are making constant progress in this area through our development choices, our innovation research, and our mobilization activities. As far as product development is concerned, choosing Estéban creations means making a positive choice for:

  • Exclusively French production processes
  • 100% vegetable wax made from GMO-free rapeseed
  • Infinite refillability for bouquets and candles
  • Refill bottles made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Products base of natural origin (vegetable alcohol from wheat or beets, vegetable wax from rapeseed, cotton wicks, wood derived from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources)
  • A reduction in superfluous over-packaging
  • The use of mainly recyclable packaging materials

What is more, our new production site has been optimized to have a low environmental impact thanks to appropriate thermal insulation (compliant with RT2012 standards) and the use of specialized companies to process its industrial waste. This is because socio-environmental responsibility can only be part of a global approach.


1% for the Planet® is the only international collective of corporate philanthropists active in environmental protection.
A network of companies, non-profits, and individuals working together to speed up the effective receipt of donations in favour of the environment.


Advising companies
on philanthropy

Encouraging companies to commit to donating 1% of their annual sales (excluding VAT) to pre-selected associations.


Certifying donations

Certifying that members comply with their commitments, and having this certification verified by a third-party organization: Ecocert.


Amplifying the impact
of donations

Speeding up the pace of strategic donations by connecting project initiators with entities and individuals capable of offering them financial support.

Environmental projects

Associations approved by 1% for the Planet® are active worldwide and target a large number of environmental issues.

7 key ‘Issue Categories’

Click on the thumbnails to learn more

Agriculture & Food

Forests & Wildlife

Climate & Energy

Active education in contact with Nature

Eco-citizen movements

Plastic pollution

International resilience

More than 1,200 approved non-profits in France, and more than 6,000 worldwide:
there exist a great many levers for action to help protect the future of our planet.

member companies
in France
member companies worldwide
million donated worldwide since 2002