Room sprays

A simple and practical perfume gesture for home


The spray offers the greatest subtlety in the perception of a perfumed composition. It exalts our discovery of the head, heart and base notes of the perfume.


This fast and effective scenting gesture makes it possible, after just a few days of use, to imbue the rooms and textiles of your house with a pleasant fragrance.

Made in France

Our sprays are manufactured in our workshops in the South of France using high-quality raw materials.

Respect for nature

Our sprays are made using phthalate-free vegetable alcohol, and their packaging materials are recyclable.


Estéban perfumes are exclusive creations, consistently heightened by a touch of originality. Choose your perfume from a range of more than 30 references.

Estéban Expertise
As a scent creator and producer for more than 40 years, our expertise combines craftsmanship and very high quality standards from design to production.

100% Made in France.

Our home fragrances are imagined and designed by renowned perfumers, from the largest Parisian and Grasse creation companies.

Each one of our perfumed creations is tested, adjusted and used within our testing laboratory in the south of France.

The bottling of our perfumes is carried out in our workshops in the south of France, for control of the entire manufacturing process.

A perfume for every fancy
Our home fragrances can be used all year round, in every room of the house, depending on the season and your particular fancy.

Nature Universe

Simple and authentic fragrances,
for a natural and poetic

Classic Universe

Iconic, faceted perfumes,
for a unique refined

Contemporary Universe

Fusion fragrances, simultaneously dense and airy, for a contemporary atmosphere on a daily basis.

: Recommended use
: Compatible with

Available ranges Nature Classic Contemporary Nature Classic
Number of references 17 13 6 7 1
Recommended use
Capacity 100ml 75ml 100ml 250ml 200ml
The perfumer's tips

Recommendations for use

To pleasantly perfume your interior, point the spray
towards the ceiling and press 2 or 3 times when doing so,
ensure that you remain at least 30cm from surrounding objects.

Use our textile mists to perfume curtains, cushions and carpets in your home, spray from a distance of at least
30cm from the fabrics.

For an optimal experience, repeat the gesture
3 to 4 times a day.


Additional uses

To further refine your perfuming routine, don’t hesitate to
supplement the use of the spray with other media
tailored for small and large areas such as :

Scented sachets (to be placed in walk-in wardrobes),

Scented sachets (to be placed in walk-in wardrobes)

Indian incense (for a refined experience)

Assorted scented bouquets and candles

The perfumer's palette
More than 30 perfumes available, to satisfy all your perfumed desires...
Nature Universe
Classic Universe
Contemporary Universe
Voile de lavande Verveine douce
Lin & Petitgrain
Terre d'agrumes Yuzu & thé blanc

Exclu N&D

Monoï soleil Fleur d'oranger Jasmin d'été Rose du matin Thé en fleur Blanc coton Edition Noël Esteban Amande Limited Edition
Ylang Ylang Néroli Orchidée blanche Esprit de thé Iris Cachemire rouge cassis


Thé blanc & Ylang-Ylang Neroli & Frangipanier
Pêche de vigne Figue et bois Edition Noël Esteban Rouge Limited Edition
Figue noire
Rêve blanc
Cèdre sauvage Edition Noël Esteban Vert Limited Edition
Sous l'olivier Cèdre Teck & tonka
Figuier & tonka Bois de cashmere & Ambre gris
Ambre blanc
Ambre Légendes d'Orient
Ambre & vanille étoilée
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