Car diffuser

and long-lasting

The diffuser is easy to use and releases fragrances all by itself, without requiring batteries or electricity to work. The air passes through the diffuser, releasing a pleasant fragrance into the passenger compartment for approximately 4 weeks, depending on the conditions of use.


The intensity of perfume diffusion is easy to adjust using the car’s ventilation system: for a more intense release of fragrance, turn the ventilation system on; for a more discreet intensity, turn the ventilation system off.

Scented ceramics
of natural origin included:

The box set contains a pre-perfumed ceramic of natural origin selected for its high diffusion quality that can be refilled and interchanged at any moment without the diffuser retaining the scent of the previous fragrance used.


The design of the diffuser is exclusive to Estéban, and the ceramic heart is filled with fragrance in our workshops in the South of France for a faithful and pleasant rendering of the perfume.

ad infinitum

The cardboard packaging is recyclable and the diffuser can be refilled ad infinitum, making it supremely practical and economical to use.

The support, specifically chosen for its strength and protect the product, is crafted from recyclable cardboard.
un triangle dont tous les côtés sont égaux

A perfume
for every taste

Available in a range of 7 fragrances representing the 5 principal olfactory families to ensure you can transpose your favourite ambiance to a new living area.

The perfumer’s palette
9 classic fragrances to create a homelike atmosphere.
Our car diffusers
Terre d'agrumes
Figue noire

Various levels of intensity* for any scent desire

*Indicative rating - may vary depending on individual perceptions and product lifespan.
The perfumer's tips


To install your car diffuser:
1. Insert the fixing clip into the back of the box to make it easier to open.
2. Place the pre-scented ceramic inside the casing.
3. Verify that the case is closed (the clip lock is closed)
4. Open the ventilation grille as far as required.
5. Use the clip to attach the diffuser to the grille.

A tip for enhanced performance :
Leave the ceramic in contact with the air after opening (30 minutes to 1 hour) in order to enjoy the different olfactory facets of the perfume.

For further information
As the ceramic is of natural origin, the ceramic refills may display a slight colouring. This colour will vary depending upon the choice of fragrance.


Adjusting the diffusion intensity

To adjust the diffusion intensity:
> More intense: turn on the car ventilation system (more effective with a hot air flow) or refill the ceramic.
> Less intense: turn off the ventilation system or remove the diffuser from the ventilation grill and place it in glove compartment.

Further tips for optimum use:
> Turn the diffuser to face the centre of the passenger compartment.
> Check that nothing prevents the fragrance circulating freely (objects placed in front or behind the diffuser).
> For optimum diffusion, replace the scented ceramic approximately every 4 weeks (or replace it to change your choice of fragrance).

Care and storage

To clean the diffuser, simply wipe it with a soft cloth

To keep it under the best possible conditions:
> Avoid leaving the diffuser exposed to temperatures greater than 40°C for extended periods of time.
> If the diffuser is not used for a long time, remove the ceramic refill and store it in its original packaging.

A further word of advice :
> If the refill sachet has not been opened after purchase, you are advised to store it at room temperature for no longer than 12 months.

Estéban Expertise
As a scent creator and producer for more than 40 years, our expertise combines craftsmanship and very high quality standards from design to production.

Imagined in our creation studios in Paris, the exclusive design of our car diffusers offers a chic and timeless style, for a typically French elegance.

The perfuming of ceramics, tested and adjusted in our laboratory in the south of France, promises a homogeneous and subtle diffusion of Estéban perfumes.

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