Scented bouquets

A new way of having a fragrant home, with a long-lasting decorative object.


Scented bouquets diffuse by themselves for weeks as a result of the capillary action of their sticks that are specifically chosen for their long-lasting quality

to your needs

Their intensity and diffusion time, which differs from model to model depending on their composition (number of sticks, fragrance and container size) as well as environmental factors: temperature and humidity of the room, air flow etc.


All you have to do is replace the sticks and fill the vase with a new scented refill to continue to enjoy your favourite fragrance.


Manufactured in our workshops in the south of France, our scented bouquets are made from elegant materials such as glass and ceramic, and our scented refills are made using phthalate-free vegetable alcohol.


Designed and decorated with sophistication to integrate all types of interior (from ethnic patterns to graphic lines), our range of scented bouquets will fulfil all your decorative needs and fragrance expectations (from light to heavy fragrances).

Estéban Expertise
As a scent creator and producer for more than 40 years, our expertise combines craftsmanship and very high quality standards from design to production.

100% Made in France.

Created in our studios in Paris, the wide range of designs for our scented bouquets offers you the choice of the decorative style that best matches your interior. From timeless styles to the most narrative or contemporary worlds, each scented bouquet expresses its French elegance in its own way.

Each one of our perfumed creations is tested, adjusted and used within our testing laboratory in the south of France.

We try out all of our fragrances in house to give the most true to life and enjoyable scented experience

Each space has its own specific size
Our advice to adjust our products to your needs
Nature Universe
Classic Universe
Contemporary Universe
Small room
Average room
(Very) large room
Tips from the perfumer

Perfume intensity

You can change the intensity of fragrance from your scented bouquet according to your needs, the time or the atmosphere in your living space:

> For a light and subtle fragrance, you can use only part of the sticks provided (between 8 and 10).

> For a more intense fragrance, flip the sticks over or reposition them to reactivate air-to-perfume exchanges and give new intensity to the fragrance.


Stick replacement

The perfume sticks will continue to provide scent for a while after the container becomes empty. Despite this fact, the perfume stick fibre becomes saturated over time and should be replaced:

> On every fragrance change

> At least every 2 refills* for the same type

This will give the fragrance its full power

*the premium scented bouquet is an exception: the fragrance sticks should be replaced every 6 months to reactivate diffusion or when there is a fragrance change.

Where to place your scented bouquet

To optimise diffusion for your scented bouquet we recommend you keep it away from heat sources, windows and draughts, as these areas can have an effect on the diffusion time of your fragrance.

The perfumer's palette
More than 30 fragrances are available to satisfy all of your perfume desires.
Nature Universe
Classic Universe
Contemporary Universe
Voile de lavande Verveine douce
Lin & Petitgrain
Terre d'agrumes Yuzu & thé blanc

Exclu N&D

Monoï soleil Fleur d'oranger Jasmin d'été Rose du matin Thé en fleur Blanc coton Edition Noël Esteban Amande Limited Edition
Ylang Ylang Néroli Orchidée blanche Esprit de thé Iris Cachemire rouge cassis


Thé blanc & Ylang-Ylang Neroli & Frangipanier
Pêche de vigne Figue et bois Edition Noël Esteban Rouge Limited Edition
Figue noire
Rêve blanc
Cèdre sauvage Edition Noël Esteban Vert Limited Edition
Sous l'olivier Cèdre Teck & tonka
Figuier & tonka Bois de cashmere & Ambre gris
Ambre blanc
Ambre Légendes d'Orient
Ambre & vanille étoilée
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