The scented candles

Five great reasons to choose our scented candles

Careful choice
of ingredients

All of our candles are manufactured from 100% pure vegetable wax with pure cotton wicks and no use of petrochemical derivatives.


Our candles can be refilled as many times as you like using same-quality candle refills, making your favorite candle last indefinitely. Moreover, the packaging materials for our candles are recyclable.


From design to production including test and scenting phases, our candles benefit from the expertise of 7 specialists, undergoing 15 manufacturing stages that all take place in our workshops in the south of France

A large choice
of scents

With the exact same high-quality whether lit or cold, Estéban fragrances are exclusive creations that always come with an original touch.


Varied types of design as charming for the eyes as for the senses, suitable for all interiors at any time.

Estéban expertise
As a perfume creator and producer for more than 40 years, our expertise combines craftsmanship and very high-quality standards from design to production.

All thismade in France.

Imagined in our studios in Paris, the wide range of designs for our candles offers you the choice of a decorative style that matches best with your interior. From timeless styles to the most narrative or contemporary worlds, each candle expresses French elegance in its own way.

The development of candles’ composition is carried out within our laboratory in the south of France for a finished product that is trustworthy, durable and pleasant for all.

The production and scenting of the wax take place in our workshops in the south of France and are performed by our wax experts, who also oversee the moulding and setting of candles. The positioning of the wicks is hand-made for each candle and precisely adjusted for optimum burn quality.

Tips from the perfumer

To maintain your candle

For optimum burn quality :

> Cut the wick regularly (to keep it at around 0.5 cm) and make sure that it is always centered

> Leave your candle lit long enough for the entire upper surface to become soft, which will avoid a well forming in the center. For the 170g format, we recommend leaving your candle lit for 1 to 3 hours.


To extinguish your candle

Dip the wick into the wax for a few seconds using the small wax bracket, and then put it back. This will put your candle out while maintaining the fragrance in the room.

To refill your candle

To first clean your candle, place it in the freezer for several hours:
the wax residue and the wick bracket can be removed more easily.
You can then refill your candle as many times as you need using our candle refills :

> Place your refill in the refrigerator or freezer for 30 to 60 minutes

> Start cutting the packaging using a pair of scissors

> Cut from top to bottom following the dotted line

> Open and place the refill in the container after removing the protective paper

Your candle is ready to be used again.

The perfumer's palette
More than 30 perfumes available, to satisfy all your perfumed desires...
Nature Universe
Classic Universe
Contemporary Universe
Voile de lavande Verveine douce
Lin & Petitgrain
Terre d'agrumes Yuzu & thé blanc

Exclu N&D

Monoï soleil Fleur d'oranger Jasmin d'été Rose du matin Thé en fleur Blanc coton Edition Noël Esteban Amande Limited Edition
Ylang Ylang Néroli Orchidée blanche Esprit de thé Iris Cachemire rouge cassis


Thé blanc & Ylang-Ylang Neroli & Frangipanier
Pêche de vigne Figue et bois Edition Noël Esteban Rouge Limited Edition
Figue noire
Rêve blanc
Cèdre sauvage Edition Noël Esteban Vert Limited Edition
Sous l'olivier Cèdre Teck & tonka
Figuier & tonka Bois de cashmere & Ambre gris
Ambre blanc
Ambre Légendes d'Orient
Ambre & vanille étoilée
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