Refillable scented candles

Five good reasons to choose these candles:

Engagé pour la nature

Long-term commitment to Nature

Our candles can be refilled as many times as you like, using candle refills made from a grade of wax offering the same intrinsic qualities as the original, thereby extending the life of your favourite candle. Our eco-designed candles are encased in recyclable packaging materials that do away with the need for additional over-wrapping (300kg of cardboard saved in the space of a year thanks to the suppression of micro wedges on our Classic range). What is more, the cardboard used to produce the candle case is derived from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources.

Cire 100% végétale

Carefully selected ingredients

Our scented candles enjoy the virtues of a brand new wax, the fruit of several months of R&D: still 100% of plant origin, this new wax is based on GMO-free rapeseed of chiefly European origin.
The blending used for the biosourced oils contains neither palm oil nor soybean oil (nor any of their derivatives) and contains no substance of animal origin.

bougie Estéban

Optimized length of use

The fragrance of our candles and candle refills displays the same qualities whether hot or cold. Thanks to their cotton wick and their new generation candle paste, your 180g Estéban candles, once lit, will enchant you with 35-40 hours of scented air depending on the ambient environment and the model of candle glass used (≈30h for an Elessens candle glass).

recharge bougie Estéban

French know-how

From design to production, including the testing and scenting phases, our candles and their refills are the fruit of the expertise of 7 talents spanning a process involving some 15 different steps, all completed in our French workshops. The wicks of our candles are positioned, centred, and hand cut by our expert candle makers. Just like our candles, 99% of our scented products are produced on site, guaranteeing you complete control of the manufacturing process.

recharge bougie Estéban

Olfactory innovation

Estéban offers you a wide choice of perfumes with distinctive olfactory signatures: more than 30 exclusive perfumed creations, divided into 3 olfactory universes. Our perfumes are pure in-house creations, always expressing a zest of originality, and their formulae are protected. In addition to the permanent collections, a series of limited editions are regularly added to the catalogue to satisfy your desires and inspire our own creativity.

Focus on our ‘Eco-designed’ candles

available in 180g and 450g

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Wooden cover: a warm touch

capot bois pour bougie

Made of beech wood (European origin) derived from sustainably managed forests

capot bois pour bougie

Carved openwork design, a tribute to our passion for Nature and Japanese culture

capot bois pour bougie

Ideal to reduce the candle’s power of cold diffusion or to serve as a base for the candle

capot bois pour bougie

Compatible with our 180g Classic and Indoor Gardens candles

Candle refill

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Round opening on top, enabling the cover to be reused as a scented suspension once the refill has been consumed

recharge bougie 100% végétale

‘Smile’ opening on the bottom making it possible to identify the chosen fragrance without opening the refill case

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Cover designed and cut in our workshops, using wood from sustainably managed forests

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Refill compatible with our 180g candle glasses (except the 450g refill, compatible with 450g glasses)

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Recyclable cardboard envelope

Even more environmentally responsible vegetable wax

recharge bougie 100% végétale

100% vegetable wax made from chiefly European rapeseed, grown without GMOs

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Containing no palm oil or soybean oil (and their derivatives)

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Free of all ingredients of animal origin

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Burn time ≈35/40h (≈30h for an Elessens candle glass)

Smart packaging

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Cardboard used for the case made from materials derived from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Recyclable packaging materials

recharge bougie 100% végétale

No superfluous over-packaging

Focus on our Au naturel candles

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The candles in certain collections also boast a particularly high percentage of natural content. The diffusion media of the ranges in question enjoy the same qualities as those of our conventional collections, to which are added:

Matching candle refill

recharge bougie 100% végétale

The refill wax offers the same qualities as that of the deco candle (notably, a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin)

Highly natural wax

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Our 100% vegetable wax made from rapeseed is then scented with a blend comprised of up to 99%* of ingredients of natural origin (* See % detail on the product packaging)

Explicit packaging

recharge bougie 100% végétale

Presence of a specific insert on the side of the case giving precise details about the percentage of ingredients of natural origin used to manufacture the product you’re holding (e.g.: 97% of the ingredients in all the candles and candle refills of the Pur Lin collection are of natural origin)


Bougie naturelle cèdre
Bougie naturelle Néroli
Bougie naturelle Pur Lin
The perfumer's palette
Lin & Petitgrain
Parfum Orange & Thé vert
Terre d'agrumes
Parfum Fleur d'aloé Thé en fleur Blanc coton Parfum Fraîcheur de Lin Parfum Fleur d'oranger Parfum Monoi Soleil Parfum Jasmin d'été
Ylang Ylang Néroli Esprit de thé Iris Cachemire Néroli au naturel Pur Lin


Pur Lin

Thé blanc & Ylang-Ylang Neroli & Frangipanier Santal & fleur de coco
Pêche de vigne
Figue noire
Rêve blanc
Cèdre sauvage
Cèdre Teck & tonka Cèdre au naturel


Bois de cashmere & Ambre gris
Ambre blanc
Ambre Légendes d'Orient Vanille d'Or


Ambre & vanille étoilée
Perfumer's tips:

Optimize the life of my candle?

Our recommendations in pictures:

- Leave the candle burning for between 1 and 3 hours for a 180g format (until the formation of a pool of wax; this will ensure uniform melting)
- Extinguish the candle by dipping the wick in the wax
- Re-centre the wick before the wax solidifies
- Cut the wick after use (keep it to a length of about 0.5cm)

Refill my favourite candle?

Don't throw away your empty candle glasses: in a few simple steps, learn how to refill them with our candle refill formats (more than 30 references available). You can make your favourite candle last indefinitely or vary the fragrances without changing the décor: an eco-friendly gesture that we are happy to recommend!

2nde de vie

Give a second life to my products? (In French)

A flowerpot, or a pot for pencils or cotton swabs (for the 450g candle) or a scented accessory to slip into small spaces (for the wooden cover of the refills): there is no shortage of ideas to give a second life to your products. Discover our suggestions.

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